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  • I enjoyed them all

    From The Pillars of the Earth to The Evening and the Morning I have read them over and over again...hoping to catch something I miss the last few times
  • Volume 4 is excellent!

    By HoseDog
    After reading the Kingsbridge trilogy and then the Century trilogy I thought that Follett was probably done with this genre, so I was pleased to pre-order and immediately read the prequel. It is a terrific read as were the others, only disappointing because it ended. I hope he has the energy and motivation to do another such series!
  • Iuks

    By Loco_jh
  • Same story again

    Another story where the two main characters love each other but can’t be together for whatever reason. Pretty much a retread of every book in this series. What’s more disappointing is the presence of a nunnery and the significant role it plays. Not that I have an issue with a nunnery at all. But there is NO mention of a nunnery in PILLARS. The nunnery doesn’t assume a role until WORLD WITHOUT END. PILLARS was 50 years long with no mention of nuns in Kingsbridge. Yet this prequel puts the nunnery front and center 200 years prior? An oversight by the author and editors.
  • Bad Love Story

    By chinabrad
    I've read nearly every one of his books and this is comparatively disappointing. It is one long love story wrapped in not terribly interesting English history. I would not have read it had I know. Read the last page of the book and you'll know then entire story. If you start reading this will disappoint you greatly. This is a sign of a faulty book. My guess is that the entire book is ghost written.
  • Again

    By Hayward777
    Ken Follett again delivers an enjoyable read that’s hard to put down.
  • Great Read

    By DebTar95
    Great story! Never disappointed when reading this author’s work.
  • Awesome prequel. It all made sense and I’m hopeful there is another.

    By Liz GR
    Hoping for more!!
  • History repeats itself

    By Imaginarius
    After reading both Pillars of the Earth and this prequel, I see what Ken Follett is trying to do here. The (really good) plot, has mostly the same characters running around trying to survive or wreak havoc at the same place, only a couple of hundred years before Pillars. How similar are the characters ? Well, I hope it’s not too much of a spoiler but there’s a talented builder who is extremely likable, theres a socially responsible prior, theres a princess in distress, there the poor worthy underdog who loves her. The bad guys include an evil Bishop, a self serving earl and his evil mother. One of the main characters is a redhead from Cherbourg. There’s an abandoned child too, believe it or not. plot-wise, this book is more of the same, which got me into thinking that there must be a point to it. The point is that the real story is about technology and how it challenges the worthy few who can understand it and how it changes the lives of people affected by it. Of course technology is terribly boring. No one wants to read about a draining canal or a boat or a bridge (hell, no one wants to read about a cathedral, right ?) so it’s wrapped up in this extremely entertaining plot, where history repeats itself endlessly. Unfortunately, Follett’s writing weaknesses are also repeating themselves endlessly with useless recaps, and exhausting description of emotions. So is this a good read ? Absolutely. Definitely. A masterpiece ? No.
  • Follett is back on top

    By Longhorn5555
    Very much in the style of Pillars of the Earth. A well written saga.